Consider the following information carefully before you signup with OAULIVES

1. You are an undergraduate, alumnus, or a member of the staff at Obafemi Awolowo University

2. You are not  under the age of 13

3. Only one website per member is allowed on this plan (OAULIVES BASIC MEMBERSHIP PLAN)

4. Your website will be a subdirectory of OAULIVES.COM. For example, ‘oaulives.com/yoursitename’

5. All members have some access to the entire network

6. Your website would have 100MB file size limit

7. 1500KB maximum upload limit on every website in the network

8. The security of your website is 99% guaranteed from our end

9. You cannot add more themes or plugins. But you may contact the administrator(s) for assistance, by using the ‘Contact us’ page

10. Possibility of migration of website is not guaranteed

11. Only paying members are allowed to create websites (one per member). Any noticed fraudulent creation of any website would result in the deletion of such website, and probably the user. 

Note: OAULIVES is not affiliated to the Obafemi Awolowo University official administration.